HMIS Community calls in 2020?

Hello all, posting this in announcements because I don’t see a “sub-community logistics” category (or something similar - maybe I missed it).

@jthomas is there a schedule for the 2020 HMIS sub-community calls? This page only lists the 2019 calls. Thanks!

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@tenlysnow the HMIS lead (Bob Jolliffe) was a taking a look at the timing of these calls changing in 2020 so I believe that is why nothing has posted yet. Is someone particular from the Zenysis community looking to join? Is there a particular timezone?

Also thank you for using this forum! We wanted to create a couple distinct categories in discourse and then use tags to help organize discussions. The vision is to let the structure develop organically to the communities needs by use a tagging system that will hopefully be easy and more intuitive for users. So you will see a a tag Group for technical subcommunities -

Please make sure to post thoughts and suggestions under the “Site Feedback” category as we want people to weigh in and publicly talk about what they like and don’t like.

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Thanks for the swift response @jthomas. Much appreciated.

We’re currently discussing our engagement priorities with the OpenHIE Community for 2020 and mapping out the calls and sub-communities we’d like to engage with. Our Product Owner attended the OpenHIE Conference in Addis and will be a likely attendee, along with 1-2 other Product and Engineering representatives. Those staff are based in the Pacific timezone, so something slightly later than 5 am would be welcome! :wink:

Thanks for the guidance on tags - well noted and we’ll be sure to use the appropriate tag moving forward.

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