HipTest examples

Hi Jennifer.

Here are 3 very rudimentary examples of gherkin descriptions that have been entered into HipTest (this is not definitive… we’re just trying to get started and experiment with the tool):

3 scenarios were created to enable us to test ADX schema:


Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


Scenario 3:


From these 3 scenarios, HipTest has drawn out a set of 6 “action words”. These action words are where automated test routines would be created/developed. Action words are the atomic test units. Action words are completely re-usable across multiple scenarios… in fact the HipTest tool encourages this re-use. Existing action words appear in the gherkin script development UI when new scenarios are being described.


I’m happy to discuss this on today’s call. We are not far along in our experiment; our test engineer (Matt) just started last week and these first 3 scenarios are ones I wrote to just see how HipTest works. Starting this week, Matt will be developing a full set of scenarios for our automated testing and then using HipTest to launch and manage these tests… but that’s news for another day.

I hope this is helpful (and that it can be somehow placed into today’s wiki),


Derek Ritz, P.Eng, CPHIMS-CA

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Derek Ritz, P.Eng., CPHIMS-CA
ecGroup Inc.
+1 (905) 515-0045