Help needed to setup OpenMRS as an SHR


I somehow managed to get some pieces of the SHR working i.e OpenMRS and the modules via the ubuntu packages option from here.

Apparently the SHR wizard has several prompts for the mysql root password, the password for a mysql user with admin privileges and the password for the SHR which I think is the OpenMRS password. The install wizard also comes with a runtime properties file and mysql dump of the OpenMRS database.

I checked the mysql instance and it appears like the openmrs database and mysql user account never get created, when OpenMRS is started of course it uses the entries in the runtime properties file which are wrong and fails to start, what I ended up doing is to create the database myself, then look up the files downloaded by the package installer to get the mysql dump file and loaded into the mysql instance, then I updated the openmrs runtime properties file to set the connection credentials to those root, with this I managed to get the OpenMRS instance running with the modules. The URL of the XDS.b registry (http://localhost:8010/axis2/services/xdsregistryb) works but that of the registry pid feed (localhost:3602) and XDS.b repository (http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ms/xdsrepository) return nothing, could this be because the package installer never completed? And I hacked around it leaving some pieces not put in place as result.

I was also trying to figure out how to post an encounter transaction directly to the SHR, from this page it shows that you post to /ws/rest/v1/patient/$/encounters which seems like it’s based on the OpenMRS rest webservices module, from what I know that url wouldn’t work and actually isn’t working for me, how do I actually post a CDA document to the SHR?

@Ryan, it would be nice to set a time to meet up online and try to get this working, when do you think you can have the time?

Thanks in Advance