Guide Releases - New Ways to Begin Work Towards Health Information Exchange

Two new exciting documents are now available! The version 4.0 of the Architecture Specification and the first ever Getting Started Guide: Paths to Data Exchange.

What does this mean for my HIE Implementations, Efforts, or Plans?
These new documents set up new ways to begin this work!

The Specification outlines the reusable architectural practices that constitute OpenHIE. The framework is intended to be constantly evolving as standards and implementer needs change over time.

The Getting Started Guide is designed to help ministries of health, implementers and others involved in establishing eHealth architecture and health system project teams get started with health information exchange.

Both of these documents are hosted on GitBook via the links provided in this post. GitBook is a documentation site used by many OpenHIE peers that will host future improved versions and the history of these documents over time.

We recommend jumping in and checking these documents out as well as sharing them with your colleagues! We also hope that you’ll share any feedback, recommendations for improvement, or updates via this feedback category in Discourse: Feedback - OpenHIE Discourse

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