FW: Integration the component

Hi all.

I'm cross-posting this note (see below) from the IL community to the implementer's community. Sambath is an AeHIN colleague from Phnom Penh; for this reason I've also forwarded this note to Alvin (and Duane) so it can be put on the radar of the COIL lab team. I've also cc'd Ryan because this very topic came up during his demo system update on today's Architecture call.

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On Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 8:53:35 AM UTC+7, panha chhum wrote:

Hi guys,

I would like to get help from you as now I am facing with the
integration problem. Could you please tell me how to connect OpenMRS,
OpenEMPI to Interoperability Layer?

Thank for your kindly help.

Best regards,

Panha Chhum

BI Specialist

Cambodia Co., Ltd

#86AB St. 13/118, Phsar Kandal I, Daun Penh,

Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Mobilt: + 855 77 272 648/ 10 272 648


Dear All
how many country implement OpenHIE? how it link to EMR?

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