FW: Example Topologies

Ryan, et all…

Jorge and I had a good conversation before he left about documenting our technology.

He mentioned these docs during our conversation and said he would send.

This is something we might want to take a look at as we document the “Sandbox” activity.


Lorinne Banister

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Topologies_SharePointServer2010 (1).pdf (295 KB)

PEPFAR Topology.pptx (293 KB)


Hello Lorinne,

I’ve attached two documents as examples of topology diagrams we use for SharePoint.

Considering the the amount of servers and services involved in the RHEA sandbox I think something like this would be useful keeping things clear and later for addition to any installation guidance. However, my philosophy is documentation
is good only if it is useful and documenting for documenting’s sake is a waste. Also note, I’m only sending these on my own behalf/initiative. My focus in the immediate future will be Facilities. Even so, I’d be happy to discuss with you or anyone on your
team concerning the attached.

The “PEPFAR Topology.pptx” document contains the actual instance information of our SharePoint 2010 deployment.

It shows the network structure, services and some hardware specs.

The “Topologies_SharePointServer2010 (1).pdf” is a guidance document from Microsoft on the general SharePoint topology as well as enumerating the options for Small, Medium and Large Farms. This may be useful in a guidance document as different
entities will have different resource capabilities. My understanding is the current sandbox will be done with one service per server. This is an ideal solution akin to the “Large Farm” approach. Other clients may have fewer resources and may need guidance
as to what services should/can be bundled and what others are recommended to be hosted separately.

Hope these are helpful,