FRED Call Friday July 6 Reminder and Agenda

Hello FRED,

The FRED bimonthly project management call has been moved to Fridays in July. Our succinct agenda will cover country engagement materials and news from the DHIS2 workshop in Rwanda. Illustrative materials
on RHEA are organized internally on the FRED wiki for team members to draw on/build on for country engagement. These are available at

Please find the unchanged call information below.

Friday July 6 @ PST-7:00, EDT-10:00, UTC-14:00, CET-15:00, SAST-16:00.

The numbers to call are :

US Toll-Free 1800-220-9875

Canada Toll-free 1800-221-8656

S.A. Toll-free 0800-982-555

International(Not Toll-free) 1302-709-8332

PIN for ALL numbers 78889517#

Best Regards,


Kelly Keisling, MPH

NetHope Global Healthcare Program Director

(202) 550-0908