FRED Aug. 14 Team Call Minutes and Recording

Hello all,

Thanks for contributions to the August 14 FRED project management call, covering the agenda items below.

-Recap of FRED Technical Discussions

-Recap of Subcontractor Discussions

-Introductory Materials for Country Engagement

The conference call minutes and recording are available on the FRED wiki at

The next FRED project management call will be held on August 29 at 10:00 am EDT. Dial the appropriate conference line number from the list below and enter participant code #69690174.

US Toll-Free 1800.220.9875

Canada Toll-free 1800.221.8656

Ireland Toll-Free 1-800-625-002

S.A. Toll-free 0.800.982.555

International (Not Toll-free) 1302.709.8332

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