First draft of SHR requirements document

Hi all,

On the call yesterday we decided to move forward with the requirements that we have as we feel that these are generally in a stable form. This is a great step forward, thanks to all those involved.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be accepting comment on the document anymore, but rather that priority will move to actioning what we have up until this point so that we can move forward. If you have any final urgent comments that you would like to get included in the document we would like to receive these by the end of this week at the latest.

Moving forward, the Jembi team will be working on reviewing the tools that we have been identifying that could be used as a SHR and filling in a evaluation form that is closely linked to the requirements document to give a score to each tool. If you have any additional tools to add please add them here:±+Tools+for+review

The evaluation tool can be found here for you to follow along:

Thanks all for helping us get to this point.




Ryan Crichton

Software Developer, Jembi Health Systems | SOUTH AFRICA

Mobile: +27845829934 | Skype: ryan.graham.crichton