FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Terminology Use and Implementation - Academy Course

An Academy Terminology Use/Implementation course is being created. This Google document draft of the outline and some of the modules is currently in progress. This work is vital to the work that is happening around OHIE, DUC and other projects. Please take a moment to give feedback on the outline and the content that is emerging.

In particular, Lessons 1 and 2 are ready for feedback on the content, and Lessons 3-5 are ready for feedback on the topics that we plan to address. Please feel free to comment and suggest ideas that you feel should be represented in this course.


  1. Are there use cases we missed?
  2. Are there additional topics to cover?
  3. Are there additions / corrections to the outline and draft material?
  4. Are there multi-media elements to link to or include?
  5. Are there other people we should ask to review this?

Please use revisions and post-its to comment!

cc: @paynejd @jack.bowie

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