Facility Registry Architecture Specification Proposed Updates - Feedback Requested

FR Community members,

Thanks to those who were able to make our community call today. As we discussed, we have placed the proposed updates to the OpenHIE Architecture Specification 3.0 Facility Registry workflows here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ikGuLd3o8bpiSmSmUm0bGKARFANGYSyeaQjaMZYGd3s/edit?usp=sharing

Please send feedback in suggesting mode only and via comments directly on the Google doc by COB Monday October 19th for a follow up discussion on our October 22nd FR Community Call.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s review of this.



@martinosumba, @enicholson

@arch_review_board please see this post for the 30-Oct meeting

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