Existing Standards Evaluation

Dear All,

Thanks for the great conversation last week. For those that missed it, one of the discussions we started was on the potential use of existing profiles/standards for the provider registry. This exercise would not preclude the potential of developing a new common standard, however we want to establish a baseline on what exists if we all decide it is worthwhile to take that step.

Right now we have a three step process we are undertaking:

  1. Catalog existing standards. We have a list already (see below) but would welcome any new contributions.
  2. Determine the evaluation criteria of these standards to meet the Provider Registry use cases as well as any other considerations
  3. Evaluate these standards on these criteria.

For 2) we have so far discussed mainly the point of open vs. proprietary standards and what exactly that means and have come out with the following:

  • Is the standard/profile freely downloadable?
  • Is the standard/profile implementable without a licensing fees?
  • Is there a cost to participate in changes to the standard/profile?
    I hope that captures accurately our discussion from last week, please let me know if it hasn’t.

The criteria for evaluation so far is only a start. I am looking forward to hearing back from you all to help us flesh-out and refine this list (e.g. what use-cases should the standard/profile support).
Standards for Health Worker Information:
HL7 V3 Healthcare, Community Services and Provider Directory (HCSPD SFM)


IHE Health Care Provider Directory
See Also: HPD+ and CSD in formative stage.

ISO 21091 Directory services for healthcare providers, subjects of care and other entities

IHE Personnel White Pages (PWP) Profile… this has somewhat been superseded by HPD


**Related Standards/Profiles:**FredAPI for Organizational Providers
SDMX-HD for coded data lists