Error on installing OpenHIM

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Firstly, pardon my ignorance as I am VERY NEW to OpenHIE and OpenHIM.

I am trying to set up OpenHIM on a local virtual machine running Ubuntu 22.04. After setting up OpenHIM, I get the following error on the Login Page:

“An error occurred while attempting to connect to the OpenHIM Core on https://localhost:8080. The service may not be running or may not be accessible from your current location. Additionally if Core is using a self-signed certificate,you may first need to instruct your browser to accept it. You can do so by accessing the following link

On clicking the link to accept the self signed certificate, (browsing the heartbeat page:
https://localhost:8080/heartbeat), I get the following browser error:

Can anyone assist how I can go around this. I appreciate your assistance on this matter.



@simbachiri would love to get you connected with the right people for your questions! @ryan could you reach out to @simbachiri or connect them with someone from your team to discuss questions around OpenHIM?


Many thanks @kaalcumm


Hello @simbachiri, I’m currently facing the same problem. Could you please share how you managed to solve it? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi @garimaa

We ended up installing a different installation package of OpenHIM which is termed the OpenHIM platform. See steps below on setting it up:

  • Setup a docker swarm on your machine - run command “docker swarm init”

  • Clone the platform repo OpenHIM platform

  • Navigate to the platform root folder

  • Get the platform cli by running the command - ./

  • Open the platform root folder in Explorer.

  • Edit the file .env.local by adding the following 2 lines:



  • Edit the .env.remote file on the following sections:



  • Run the following command to deploy - ./instant-linux package init -n=interoperability-layer-openhim,fhir-datastore-hapi-fhir --dev --env-file=.env.local

  • To remove the services run - ./instant-linux package remove -n=interoperability-layer-openhim,fhir-datastore-hapi-fhir --dev --env-file=.env.local

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Thank you. @simbachiri