eHealth architectures...

Hi all.

13-08-20 eHealth Architectures.pptx (779 KB)


Sorry if this is a duplicate. I got an error message from Google Groups that
my email was too large so I'm resending in two shots, each with one file

I've attached some diagrams (in a PPT slide deck) from various international
examples of eHealth architectures. These are not exhaustive, and I will
continue to hunt around for some other excellent examples, if I can find
them, from Brazil, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands.

I've also attached (because I have it) a quite large PPT deck prepared by
Canada Health Infoway when they were describing their v2 blueprint to
stakeholders. It is a long read... but it usefully goes into some of the
rationale behind the design choices.

This isn't intended to do anything except give us comfort that we're not
alone in this work... :wink:

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