draft consent management doc for discussion

hi all… here is a draft document that circulated around the IL group a few months back re: consent management. it is a work in progress… but lays out the issue and a few options for addressing it.


15-04-13 OpenHIE Consent – draft for discussion v0.1.docx (820 KB)


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@dritz this is an excellent introduction to the situation and challenges. Well done.
@jennifer.e.shivers I think we should consider inculcating consent management into our privacy discussions.

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Thanks, @jstclair – that’s very kind. It’s a shame the conversation really didn’t get much uptake at the time (wow… SEVEN years ago!). I still believe option-1 (implied consent, all-in / all-out, no BTG) should be our go-to as the “minimum” needed. Even with no BTG, it is a useful and implementable step forward. I recommended it at our OpenHIE Architecture committee… and even went so far as to propose development of a paper-thin IHE Profile work item… but (sadly) no takers.