Draft 4 of the Vision, Mission , Values for the SHR

Hi All

The latest draft of the Vision, Mission and Values document is attached here for review. I believe this is very close to a group consensus, and there is only one change in the latest draft which is to the wording of the Vision statement.

If you have any your criticisms, please add directly to the document and **send back to me ONLY at linda@jembi.org. **

If you are happy with the current draft please can you also note that and send back to me ONLY.****If I receive no feedback, then I will assume that you are happy with the current draft.

Best regards


140321 OHIE-SHR One Text v4 Draft.docx (23.6 KB)


Linda Taylor
Jembi Health Systems- Technical Project Coordinator

Skype: linda.jembi