Do you know which teams are leading machine learning / clinical informatics / bioinformatics at OpenHIE?

Do you know who I might chat with about this?

Thank you! I am hoping to apply my work at Columbia University Irving Medical Center where I have built predictive models for academic medical centers, such as for patient readmission: [1904.05342] ClinicalBERT: Modeling Clinical Notes and Predicting Hospital Readmission or for population-level assessment of health equity such as race- or gender-differences in diagnosis.

Columbia leads the collaborative, who use the OMOP common data model development, so this could be a key piece of infrastructure that is necessary to make OpenHIE interoperable with the predictive models for medicine / hospital / public health infrastructure we build. Would love to help build this if it doesn’t exist!


Jaan Altosaar, PhD
Columbia University Irving Medical Center