Do you know? Implementation sites: Active or planned

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Paired up with the previous email thread about the OHIE meeting another area we are trying to take stock of is the various places that have active or planned implementations. On the leads call last night the following were listed. Please help us grow and add to the list or clarify if still correct

Definition of an implementation site: a country to use or plan to use any portion of the OpenHIE architecture in practice

Exisiting implementations on website: Use cases

  • Bangladesh - Development of the full collection of HIE components for a shared health record use case.
  • Philippines - Peer support on national eHealth strategy and governance models, development of a universal health coverage insurance.
  • Rwanda - Peer support on national eHealth strategy, development of a district-level prototype of a maternal and child health information sharing use case, and full national deployment of all HIE components.
  • Sierra Leone - Development of a national health worker registry, and a health worker emergency communication system.
  • South Africa - Deployment of HIE components at several levels in the health system including primary health and maternal health
  • Tanzania - Implementation of a national facility registry, authorship support on their national eHealth strategy, and support of an upcoming immunization data integration use case. and vaccine supply chain management

Proposed new implementations for website: use cases?

  • Kenya (drafted eHealth strategy) -
  • Liberia (eHealth strategy?) -
  • Nigeria (eHealth strategy?) - Development of a national health worker registry, planning for a national facility registry?
  • Zimbawe (drafted eHealth strategy)
  • Myanmar - (client registry)
  • Cambodia - (client registry)
  • Vietnam - (HMIS / disease surveillance dashboard)​
    Ideally we’d like to see the Implementations - & (UNDER REVISON) web pages grow to be very reflective of the work being done by the communities.

Please respond and let us know of something we may have missed*
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