Digital Square is launching a new webinar series: HL7 FHIR

Digital Square is launching a new series of HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) (

Digital Square is excited to launch this series with four foundational webinars:

FHIR 101 Refresher: During this initial webinar, the Digital Square team will review the basics of FHIR, including the overall approach, information models, and the relationship between FHIR and other standards. They will also provide a brief overview of the upcoming webinars, and will provide the key pointers for participants to seek further information and engage with the rest of the FHIR Community. Join for the first in the series, on April 28th at 8-10 am ET/ 2-4 pm SAST. Register here.

FHIR Profiling & Documentation: In this webinar we’ll explore the basics for creating and documenting a FHIR specification for a project, a country, or an individual application. We’ll see how the FHIR specification can be extended and constrained to support specific needs. After identifying what is contained in a FHIR specification, we’ll see how such specifications are documented, and how this is done in a good way to accelerate delivery through validation, testing, and automation. We’ll remember some of the basic FHIR features around localization and multi-language which become more important when implementing FHIR profiles.

FHIR and Terminology: This session will introduce the FHIR support for terminologies: Standard (global) terminologies like SNOMED CT, LOINC, or local terminologies (for example national codes) vs project-specific terminologies. We’ll look at the FHIR resources for terminologies, how they are used in the other FHIR resources, and how to define new terminology resources, as well as how to localize the value sets. We’ll also take a quick look at the basic FHIR terminology operations and provide some pointers to additional resources and terminology servers.

FHIR Implementation Guide: The culmination of this foundational series will be a practical workshop-like session, with an example for anyone that wishes to create their first FHIR specification publication.We will use the open-source tools (we will provide installation instructions beforehand) and we’ll guide you through the creation of a publication of an Implementation Guide in the most fundamental aspects: Setting up a (shared) repository, adding FHIR conformance resources (e.g. profiles, extensions, value sets), importing dependencies from other specifications, adding narrative text and diagrams, and using a shorthand language to accelerate the work. At the end, you will be able to find the published content on your machine, ready for sharing - or you can use the community continuous delivery tools to share the result online directly from your repository.

To accompany these webinars, Digital Square is also hosting monthly FHIR-side chats starting on May 14 at @ 9 am ET/ 3 pm SAST. To register for these chats, please register here.