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I think this would be a great topic to cover at next HFR meeting!

Of note, I hear the HFR/MFL guidelines from WHO/USAID will get published next year (many of this distribution list contributed to these).





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Supporting GLNs and GS1 -
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GLNs and GS1

Carl Leitner litlfred@gmail.com: Dec 19 08:05AM -0800

Hi all,
Can we please queue up a discussion of adding/supporting Global Location
Numbers (GLNs) as part of a facility registry. GLNs are part of the GS1
standard that is being used in a lot of supply-chain use cases.

It would be great if we can figure out how to ease the management of the
GLNs as a key requirement for FRs going forward. This is coming up in
Tanzania and Ethiopia, for example.


Derek Ritz derek.ritz@gmail.com: Dec 19 04:43PM -0500

Thanks, Carl – this is a great topic suggestion. :slight_smile:


Here is the GLN FAQ page that GS1 Canada set up prior to the GLN “sunrise”
date for Canada’s healthcare system (Dec 31, 2010). A friend and colleague
of mine, Paul Faguy, is a retired GS1 Canada executive and was involved in
that process domestically. He may be able to advise the folks in TZ (if
they’re interested in help with this process). I’d be happy to make

Warmest regards and happy holidays,


Derek Ritz

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Oreste Parlatano oreste@parlatano.org: Dec 18 02:38AM -0800

Hello everyone,

I am working with the organization Jembi (jembi.org) in close collaboration
with the project Moasis (moasis.org.mz) under the University Edoardo
Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique.

Since years there are effort in creating an effective Master Facility List
in Mozambique, these efforts where frustrated by a complete lack of
compliance from the Mozambican Government, in particular the Ministry of
Health. The lack of compliance resulted in duplicated and divided
information, health units with two names treated as two units, units with
same name treated as one. No reliable mechanisms for updating information,
poor or even absent communication between competent departments, for
instance Human Resources and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Anyway we (Jembi/Moasis) managed to create a Facility List that need to be
checked on national level too often with exaggerated costs.

Next year will probably start a national survey aimed to fix the gap
between available information and field reality. The survey will follow the
WHO standard of Service Availability and Readiness Assessment ( SARA )

We need to identify an Open Source software, if exists, able to implement
effectively the national survey.

I understand the documents related to http://facilityregistry.org/ but I do

not see anywhere the software source.

Could anyone help in order to understand how to implement
facilityregistry.org ?

Thanks in advance for possible answers.

Kind regards to everyone.

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