DHIS2 and the FHIR roadmap - looking for input

Hi everyone

We in the DHIS2 integration team are in the process of trying to refine our FHIR roadmap by the end of the summer. We have been tinkering with FHIR for some years now. You can get an idea of the general approach at DHIS2 and FHIR - DHIS2. We think its problematic that mostly what we have is a mixed bag of scripts and sample code which demonstrate how to get FHIR data in and out of DHIS2 in various ways: these have been used for demos, presentations, connectathons etc. But after a few years at this there is still very little to show in terms of production data exchange using FHIR.

So I am making two requests of this community:

  1. Please do provide suggestions on what you think should be on our FHIR roadmap

  2. Please let us know if you have an implementation somewhere (a real one, not a demo or product showcase!) that would really benefit immediately or in the near future from a meaningful data exchange with DHIS2 using FHIR. We are trying to ensure that our approach remains rooted in real need and use-value so we are intent on building in some actual integration work into the roadmap. If you can help with that we’d love to work with you.

Best regards

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