DevOps Call - Date / Time - Target Audience

To: All in the OHIE Community
RE: DevOps Call
Today there were conversations about making sure that we having the right audience for the DevOps Call.

The community description is " The DevOps Community calls are to help have discussions around strategy, leadership and coordination to; verify integration, communicate and demonstrate OpenHIE concepts, support implementer use of OpenHIE. Please visit to join the conversation."

  1. Is this still the goal? It seems like we need to have a bit more about testing in the goals.
  2. What is the target audience / participants that we need to meet the desired goals?
  3. Is the name of the sub community even right given that OpenHIE is not about specific software?

All community members, please add your thoughts.

Is #devops confusing as we are not developing software and this term is typically used in that space? Also think this group is doing work to assist the #implementers-network-ohin in the end so is this group the target audience? :thinking:

I think we should consider targeting SILA and other implementation labs.

I think we definitely need to draw in SILA, the Mohawk MEDIC lab, and other new/nascent digital health labs such as the one just established at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya. These folks will all have useful insights related to the non-trivial task of mapping of Infostructure (our architecture blueprint) to Infrastructure.

I also think they’ll have useful insights into the conformance and load testing aspects of our DevOps community mission (which I agree, needs to be given more “airtime” on our description page). I know for sure MEDIC has done this kind of work on the TZ BID project and on various domestic projects in Canada. They may even be able to share tools.

As was discussed on today’s call, we need to be clear about OpenHIE as a governed blueprint publisher vs. OpenHIE community members as (ungoverned) software publishers. It will be unhelpful if we look like we’re in the software business and we need to take care, I think, to not give that impression.

I think including other labs is ideal but this call should be technical and pragmatic so should be mostly for a technical audience else it starts to be difficult talk about exactly what needs to be done. In some ways we are doing software dev for this community, Instant OHIE, testing frameworks, compliance software will all have some level of software development or use of software frameworks to be achieved.

DevOps might be the wrong name though, perhaps something that has more to doing with demonstration, testing and compliance?

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I’ve been pondering this since I’ve seen the posts come out. Lets get the quick stuff out the way first:

new groups: yes agree with both Derek and Ryan here. I think linking with the labs would be a good idea - I take heed of Ryan’s points that pragmatic inclusion helps to focus the community and the participants so having something to chew on is NB to onboard these labs.

As for the name – that is a tough one - our focus is now on helping to operationalise the OHIE Architecture and create a testing and conformance framework to help support this as well as provide a space for tools to discuss how to setup and operationalise the technical infrastructure of an HIE.

That said we need to seperate the Instant OpenHIE project as a project that is working within the community and not the defacto OpenHIE – right now we need to help marshal the open aspect of the community. The way I see this is that Instant OpenHIE is a project that is looking to setup a Demo space based on the OpenHIE architecture and is using the community for input and convening and is contributing back; the same could be said if Kenya/Malawi/Tonga/Hati/Vietnam etc were to approach the community and share their technical approach for deployment and management (on technical level).

I’m at a loss for a “new name” - I’ve looked around and I’m not sure if there is a better name for now :confused:
I do agree that we should include the testing and conformance in the wiki page more – lets raise this on the next call where we present the vision and strategy for 2020.

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