Defining the requirements for an OpenHIE HMIS component

Dear all,

I am referring
to an email received from Jennifer Shivers February 15:


Architecture Community has been looking at priorities for 2018. One thing
that has been discussed for some time has been how to help developers determine
if their system is “OHIE” compliant or conformant. To help drive toward
that end, the Architecture Community is asking each sub-community (CR, FR,
HMIS, TS, IOL, SHR, HWR, ILR) to create a first draft of “requirements”
for their component by answering the question, “what does it mean to be an OHIE
______ component.” We plan to share those at March architecture community
meetings and then work to get them on the wiki in time for a potential summer
implementer’s meeting.

As a leader in
a sub-community, please put this topic on your agendas so that you have a 1st
draft of your component requirements to share in March/April Architecture
. To get started with the conversation, the CR community
plans to take some requirements that they had previously generated for a
different purpose and use these as a starting point

Let’s use next
week’s meeting (Tuesday 6th of March) to start discussing the requirements
for an OpenHIE HMIS component. To get us started I have created a document
based on the draft developed by the CR community:

Please feel
free to start scribbling and commenting.

Talk to you
next week.

Warmest regards,

Simon Pettersen Nguyen