Creating a national laboratory directory or adding laboratories to a facility registry

Hello OHIN and Facility Registry, Does anyone know of any guidance about incorporating laboratories into a Master Facility List or creating a separate laboratory directory? For example, what data elements or attributes about the laboratories should be included (eg. location, diagnostic services provided, specimen routing, etc)? Thank you!


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This is not guidance for incorporating labs into an MFR or separate lab directory. One element may be related to use of standard terminology. As one example, LOINC is in the process of creating a mapped list of frequent lab tests in LMIC to LOINC codes. We will post that when available. There has already been work done to map the essential diagnostic list to LOINC terminology available through a Lancet publication.

Thank you for the thoughtful question. I have not gone back to the latest facility implementation guide to see if there is thought about this, but I know there has been discussion about including health distribution sites as well. If the guidance doesn’t exist, maybe we should have the facility and the lab community meet together to discuss this and come up with guidance. @rsembajwe @martinosumba

Hi Jennifer- is there separate guidance for facility implementation other than the MFL Resource Package and the OpenHIE spec v3? If so, could you share the link here? And as to your second point, Olivia and I under MEASURE Evaluation are collating some of this information for preliminary guidance about including labs in MFLs (or as separate directories). Our timeline is quite short, but it would be great if the facility and lab groups wanted to take this initial research forward afterwards. We do plan to be on the facility call this week to talk about this- is there someone we should email to get on the agenda? I am new to the community calls. Thanks! Christina

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Thanks for this, Theresa. Very helpful background information, and helped me locate the WHO EDL.

We have put you on the agenda, and it will tie well into our ongoing discussion about facility workflows and specifications.


@cville01I am not sure if I already mentioned this or not, but with the Covid-19 lens you may want to check out:

It’s US centric but includes metrics for facility readiness.


Hi all, the outputs of this exploratory research have been published here: . I hope this is useful to the OpenHIE community, especially the #facility-registry and #lab-information-systems communities.


You can then drag and drop the Data Elements into the group if they fit . We also include Logic Gates in our advanced search feature. List of your laboratory items with different categories, items, and attributes you wish to keep track of