Continuing the Conversation: Coffee & Community

We had such a great session today for our first Coffee & Community! It was great to have space for real-time community connection. :smile:

In order to keep the conversation going, I wanted to create this post and invite all community members, whether you attended this event or not, to share your plans for engaging in the OpenHIE community in 2022 and to share any updates on the HIE work your personally doing.

Perhaps @dotzoy and Boonchai Kijsanayotin, could you start us off by sharing some of the updates you spoke about on today’s call? I want to be sure the community hears about the great work lined up for RECAINSA and AeHIN in 2022!

Great discussion today! Along these lines I’ll be attending HLTH and HIMSS in March. if anyone is attending I’d love to organize a meetup!