Configuring openHIM Console: Redirecting to Server IP and Switching to HTTP

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on setting up openHIM. I’ve followed the Docker documentation to configure both openHIM-core and openHIM-console. However, when attempting to access the openHIM console, I encounter an issue where it redirects me to a “site not found” page at the following URL:


How can I adjust this redirection so that it points to the server’s IP address instead of localhost, and also switch it to HTTP instead of HTTPS?

Salaam / Greetings,

I think you can manage to do so by configuring the configuration properties mentioned in

  • openhim-core-js/config (specifically api_protocol, router_externalHostname, api_secureCookie or api_trustProxy) and

In Docker, you could do so by supplying the specific environment variables when defining / running the container.