Comments wanted on draft data crosswalks

Dear all,

Please find attached a draft of two crosswalks we have
created for the Health Worker Registry.

A crosswalk is a human
readable document that attempts to harmonize different data standards.

We would like your comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

Data Set to Local Elements

Services Delivery to Local Elements

Could you please take a look and provide any feedback by
Tuesday, April 4?

With specific issues of questions, you can email me directly and cc my colleague Emily Nicholson (who is copied on this email). Otherwise, you can comment directly on the document.

We also hope that these documents could also be adaptable for
other communities. If we can start to standardize tools like this, it may be
easier for new community members to understand various OpenHIE components.

If you’d like helping adapting these tools to other
communities, please email Emily and me.

Thank you very much.