Combined ILR and HWR call: tomorrow, Wednesday, 28 March 0900 Eastern

Dear All,

This is a friendly reminder that the combined Interlinked Registry and Health Worker Registry call will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, 28 March at 9:00-10:00 ET.

The agenda will cover three areas plus any other business you may add:

  1. Software development work has been done on OpenInfoMan to export FHIR (mCSD).

  2. An issue that arose from that work on FHIR organizations and locations in mCSD and what your thoughts are on how to resolve it.

  3. We have been asked by the Architecture Community what would constitute compliance or conformance for a Health Worker Registry and Inter-Linked Registry. We need to create a first draft of requirements by answering the question: “What does it mean to be an OHIE (Interlinked Registry or Health Worker Registry) component?” I hope we can have productive discussion around this topic.



Dial Toll Free Number:

US: 800-220-9875

Norway: 800-142-85

Ireland: 800-625-002

Canada: 800-221-8656

South Africa 0-800-982-555

International (Not Toll-free) 1-302-709-8332

Access Code 34048002#

We can dial in any participants who are not able to connect through Skype or one of the above numbers, please email me to be dialed in.