Central patient-level data repository

Dear OHIE Community

We are looking for the implementers and teams who are creating central repositories of patient-level-data. We would like to have a session where we share and reivew data exchange patterns and other architecture aspects for supporting a central repository. The goal will be to analyze the patterns and inform the community practices moving forward.

Please respond to let us know if you are working on or have already implemented a central repository for case reporting, shared health record, better M&E data or something else.

Kind Regards,
Jennifer and Jamie

Hi @jennifer.e.shivers

We are in the processes of developing a shared health record in Eswatini and we will be interested to be a part of the community and share experiences.

Looking forward to good discussions.


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Hi @jennifer.e.shivers ,

Happy to share our ongoing work at PharmAccess Foundation. We are in the process of developing an ‘Instant OpenHIE’ configuration using OpenHIM, OpenSRP and HAPI FHIR. Depending on the context and audience, I could easily prepare a presentation.

Here are some working document (please mind that they are still quite ‘rough’ in places):

Best regards,
Daniel Kapitan

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