Capacity building - Time to grow

To: OpenHIE Community
RE: Please help us grow the Academy / Capacity Building

OpenHIE Academy is now a year old. In the first year, we focused on sharing the basic concepts of health information exchange (HIE) and we were able to harvest some additional material from the broader OpenHIE community. With this approach, we reached almost 400 individuals. We have some plans to continue to work on this foundation for health information exchange. However, we would also like to grow our ability to support more advanced concepts.

We are reaching out to help grow our ability to make an impact in building capacity for HIE.

  1. Are there universities or implementers who need help building capacity for HIE? If so, we would like introductions so that we can better understand the needs.
  2. Are there universities or organizations already doing capacity building? We would love introductions so that we can see if there is an opportunity to move further and faster together.

With any connections you provide, we intend to set up an introductory conversation so that we can better understand the needs and make appropriate connections to better serve the health information exchange needs.

Jennifer (on behalf of the OHIE Community and the OHIE Academy)

@jennifer.e.shivers not sure what you had in mind re: “advanced concepts”, but we at OpenFn might be interested in supporting this initiative and help to develop some additional learning content, borrowing from existing resources, if that’s relevant to this Academy. We do a fair bit of technical capacity building for interoperability projects, as well as support more business/management folks think through earlier project planning, data sharing, and design considerations that need to be determined before the tech implementation can start. Happy to join an initial call and share/learn more, if that hasn’t happened yet.

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