Cant Login in My fresh OpenEMPI server

I have just installed my OpenEMPI application on the remote machine.
I can acees it in the browser , but when i try to login with the default credential
admin : admin. it doesnt seem to do anything.
I need some help

i installed version 3.5.0c following this document
I can acces the admin page but i cant login. On checking the catalina.out file , i get this

Can you help the community know what version you installed? Did you get access from the OpenEMPI website here: If so, they seem to have a community forum where you can get software specific advice.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes.

@jennifer.e.shivers , am trying run version 3.5.0c

the first goggle group for OpenEMPI that i tried was deprecated and was directing me here.
. Let me try that

thanks i actually finally the blocker :smile: