Can OpenHIE initiatives benefit from Google Summer of Code?

Google Sumer of Code for 2021 has been announced! This made me wonder if there are OpenHIE initiatives that could benefit and provide opportunities from participating in this global program that brings student developers into open source software development?

We discussed this a bit last year - GSoC 2020 and OpenHIE? - and potential projects such as OpenHIE testing framework and Instant OpenHIE were proposed, among others. As well @daniel.futerman brought up some good points to consider;

  • Defining criteria for project eligibility, given that OpenHIE isn’t a single organization or product. E.g. Would projects need to align with general/cross-cutting OpenHIE concerns, or is this an opportunity for advancing reference technologies in the OpenHIE space?
  • Administration of payments - will need to sign up for a Payoneer account to ensure payments can be received/processed - can this be done under OpenHIE or will it need to be actioned by a supporting org?
  • For new organizations signing up to GSoC, the number of projects allocated is usually limited to one or two projects in the first year, unless the application is made under an umbrella org that’s established in the GSoC space.
  • Defining project scope, considering OpenHIE domain knowledge required to work in the space, while ensuring projects are feasible for a 2-3 month student project.

Do people of ideas or thoughts around types of projects that could benefit from the GSoC program?

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Also note that Google Season of Docs will not be proposed until March 2021 but would love to hear ideas around this as well.

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@jthomas thanks for posting this. I believe this is an opportunity to develop some of the actual tests gerkin and scripts that we need, but defer to @carl and @cjrusk .

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