Call schedule change and mailing list re-naming (PLEASE READ)

Hi OpenHIE SHR and Interoperability layer communities!

I just wanted to touch base on some administrative items. Firstly the interoperability layer list has been changed to better reflect the community,see the change below:

Interoperability****Layer mailing list change

The old email address was:

The new email address is:

I think this makes much more sense! Please take note of this for future communication.

New Call schedule

On the call yesterday I suggested that we have a call every week alternating between talking about the SHR and the Interoperability Layer. So, one week we can discuss the SHR then the next we can discuss the Interoperability Layer. The community agreed to this so from now going forward **we will be having a call every week. **

We will be using the same Tuesday time slot at 4pm CAT and 10am EDT. Given all the other calls for the other communities and other meeting commitments I think we will have to maintain this time slot.

We will send out new invitations soon to reflect this change.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about these items.




Ryan Crichton

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