Call for Volunteers To Support OpenHIE Inquiries in French, Spanish, German, and Chinese

We are looking for individuals who could help support inquires made to the OpenHIE online help desk in various languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

Volunteers for this should have: good strong grasp of the language, good written communication skills, and a foundational understanding of OpenHIE as a community of practice.

Are you interested in volunteering? Reply to this discourse post or reach out to us at!

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Hi @miclcox,

I have been involved in the RHIES (Rwandan Health Information Exchange System) project and other projects using OpenHIE/OpenHIM componants.
I was in charge of the design and the implementation of the OpenMRS---->DHIS2 mediator.

I am From Abidjan, Ivory Coast (We speak French) and I will be pleased to join the team to help in French.

Have a great day !


It’s great to hear of your interest in volunteering - thank you!

We’re confirming the best way to do this work with our Dev team and we’ll plan to reach out to you over email soon. :grin: Please feel free to reach out to us in the meantime if you have questions or ideas.

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Thank @kaalcumm for your quick response.

I will be also available for a call if needed to discuss the best approach :slightly_smiling_face:.

skype: tmohben

Hi Michelle - I didn’t see anyone volunteering for German, yet. Depending on the number of requests, I’d be happy to help out.
Regards - Uwe


Vielen Dank, @uwe.wahser! :grin:

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