Call for OpenHIE Architecture Specification Changes

@arch_review_board @subcommunity_leads

The OpenHIE Architecture Specification is being updated. Please add / track changes here.

Changes that we expect to see:

  1. Change in final format of the content - move to a different mechanism than PDF
  2. Adding of LIS requirements
  • @rsembajwe I have emailed some options to you. Please let me know if you want me to proceed with that path.
  1. Adding of some workflows for coverage transactions
  • @daniel.futerman I’m looking forward to including the draft you have created
  1. I think the new format may assist with documenting POC requirements as it may allow linking back to the workflows that already document what a point of care needs to do. So I will address this when formatting.

  2. Possible change to text/SMS workflow descriptions.

  • @jamesm and others I believe I have seen documentation of using text messages to convey COVID test results. @arch_review_board please suggest wording in the specification to address address this if this is the case.
  1. COVID - Need to determine if there are additions / updates to support this.

I look forward to hearing about these changes and/or seeing them in the documentation by June 1st.


@janflowers @apreston @martinosumba