Architecture Workstreams and Leads


Last month during the OpenHIE Architecture Community call we discussed a plan to introduce both a release workstream and a testing workstream. This is motivated by not only the need to adapt to the communities evolving landscape but also to strengthen OpenHIE’s underlying infrastructure (ie. technologies, workflows, diagrams).

On the call, we agreed there was a need to prioritize the release and testing workstreams to support rapidly growing interests and demands from countries. In response, Jennifer Shivers and Carl Fourie have made commitments to help support the Architecture Review Board as Associate Architects focused on release management (ensuring that workflows, maturity model, and other documentation are updated on a regular basis), and testing/certification (ensuring a clear and robust process for validating OpenHIE profiles), respectively. To help in these important areas the Associate Architects will be building teams to help guide these focus areas forward. We’re pleased that others volunteered to help and we are intending to include you in these workstreams.

We wanted to communicate this structural addition to the Architecture Community to let you know how we intend to be more intentional is supporting these two important workstreams. If there are any questions or concerns please let me know or raise them in this thread.

Thank you,

Shaun Grannis