Architecture Restructure

TO: OpenHIE Community
RE: Architecture Community Restructuring

We are restructuring the OHIE Architecture meetings to increase the feedback loop and get architecture input from the broader community. As a part of that restructure, the architecture review board is being retired. We want to thank those who have served in the last few years. A big thanks to Shaun Grannis, Jack Bowie, Bob Jolliffe, Jose Costa Teixeira, Ryan Crichton, Bryn Rhodes, Derek Ritz, Carl Fourie, Josh Zamor, Ron Parker, Daniel Futerman, James Kariuki, Adam Preston, Steven Wanyee, Vlad Shioshvili, Haftamu Kebede, Kalechristos Negussie.

We are transitioning from the ARB to a new structure designed synthesize and prioritize information obtained from sub communities and projects happening in the OpenHIE space. Here is the charter for the Technical Committee.