Architecture Diagram Definitions

We determined that we wanted to create definitions for the gears that go with the interoperability layer on the OHIE diagram. These gears include:

Entity matching - (Proposed definition) Process of matching entities to link duplicate records. This can be used to match entities to determine if there are potential matches within a single list or across two lists. This function can be used with any entity, but has been most often used with patient demographic records to link an individual patient’s records from disparate systems or to match facility records across different systems.

Interlinking Service - (Proposed Definition) - Service to link providers, facilities, organizations and services (Changed per feedback)

Authentication - (Proposed Definition) - Verification of the credentials of systems sending messages to the interoperability layer.

Please provide any revisions or suggestions. Definitions will be finalized at the next meeting.
Thank you.

Version 1 of the ILR links: providers, facilities, organizations and services. I think mCSD has the same “footprint”… but I don’t think it is able to do “joins” in the same way that XQuery was able to do them. Still… I’d advocate for listing all four linkages.