Architecture Diagram - Change Request (product registry)

Hi Jennifer,

I am not sure what the release cycle for the openhie architecture spec and diagram, but I hope there is a possibility of a point release to address a concern that has arisen around the language for the Product Registry. Apparently the common language/understanding of a PR is that it has a regulatory function via a country’s equivalent of the FDA. It would be unwise to implicitly indicate that OpenHIE needs to have the regulatory body involved.

What would be better is if we changed the label of the PR in the architecture to Product Catalog. A PR could be implemented as a PC with additional regulatory business flows but not necessarily so. This is a bit similar to a Facility Directory vs a Master Facility Registry that a facility licensing board may operate.

This issue has risen in particular during our PC Management Tool workshop where we presented the OpenHIE architecture and a fair amount of terminological confusion arose.

@josh.zamor , @brandonbowersox.vr , any other additional thoughts?


-Carl L

I don’t think I’ll make Monday’s call as I’ll be back in Seattle and that’ll be at 5am. However renaming it has my full support. I’ve known about this gotcha around the words product registry for a couple years, so changing our collective use to something else would be great. “Product Catalog” works for me.