Announcing the Release of the Zenysis Open Source Platform: Harmony

Hi OpenHIE colleagues, I’d like to share an exciting announcement on behalf of Zenysis (

Zenysis is excited to announce the release of Harmony, a scalable data integration and analytics platform for global health and development that makes the primary functionality of the Zenysis technology available under an open source license.Harmony helps make sense of messy data by transforming, cleaning and enriching essential health data, including from sources typically encountered in a development setting like DHIS2, OpenLMIS, DHS surveys, geospatial, financial, HR, climatological data and more. With Harmony, data from these systems is available within a single point of access, giving decision-makers a complete picture of their data through triangulated queries and customizable visualizations and dashboards.

Harmony is a momentous step for Zenysis and represents our commitment to key pillars of the Principles for Digital Development by developing software that is open, scalable and sustainable in development and humanitarian settings. By making our integration and analytics functionality available open source, countries and their partners have the tools they need to remove data from siloes across the entire ecosystem of information systems and break down barriers to effective data use.

Technical Overview
Harmony comprises an integration framework that can ingest and process data from almost any structured data source as well as an analytics and visualization tool that allows for advanced querying and customizable visuals. The release is also accompanied by guidance describing processes for preparing data to be ingested by the platform as well as processes for setting up open source dependencies such as Druid and PostgreSQL.Harmony will follow a six-month release schedule which will include bug fixes, new feature development and more. Contribution guidelines to Harmony are included in the README on GitHub.

Read about Harmony’s full technical feature set:

Future Development
The initial release of Harmony is the first phase of a rolling open source release plan and will be followed by the publication of detailed user guides, additional features and the establishment of an open source community of practice where users can discuss implementation considerations in a collaborative space.

Harmony License, Code and Documentation
Harmony is published under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL v3) open source license and is publicly available on GitHub. View the Harmony code and documentation on GitHub:

If you’d like to join the conversation and stay up-to-date on Harmony, join our Google Group:!forum/zenysis-harmony

If you are interested in implementing Harmony or just want to learn more, email us at

Data is an essential pillar of effective and equitable health systems. We believe that Harmony represents a major step forward in empowering countries and health practitioners with the tools they need to harness the full power of their data ecosystem and achieve measurable improvements in health outcomes.

I’m thrilled to share this exciting release and look forward to collaborating with OpenHIE and the global community of public health champions in making Harmony a success. Please reach out with any questions.

Tenly Snow
Director of Strategic Communications and Community Engagement

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