ANNOUNCEMENT: Rebranding OpenHIE Sandbox Working Group

We are happy to announce OpenHIE is transitioning the OpenHIE Sandbox working group to the new OpenHIE
DevOps Community. Initially the Sandbox group was formed to create an instance of OpenHIE based on the work done in Rwanda on the RHEA Project . While this served
us well in the early days we now are looking to become more of a support community based on the needs of real-world implementers.

While the DevOps Community will be providing strategy, leadership and coordination to support implementer use of OpenHIE.
Specifically providing desired resources for things like; Connection Tooling (i.e., connecting OpenMRS to OpenHIE), Component
Packaging, and Documentation. We will also be verifying integration as well as
providing tools to demonstrate OpenHIE concepts.

If these goals are of interest we strongly encourage people to subscribe to the DevOps mailing list or share this message with anyone
you think might be interested. (need to subscribe first before posting)



The DevOps monthly community call is on thefirst Monday of the month from 10-11am Eastern Time,see call schedule here. Our next meeting will be October 3rd,
agendas and dial in instructions can be found here. We encourage all who are interested to join.

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