Announcement of RFA: Africa-Based Digital Health Entrepreneurs

Request for Application #2022-047
Africa-Based Digital Health Entrepreneurs to Expand Tools for Community Health

The DHE Project Team is pleased to announce the request for application (RFA) for Africa-Based Digital Health Entrepreneurs to Expand Tools for Community Health.

With funding from the Bayer Foundation, the Digital Health Ecosystem Project (DHE) will support the sustainability and expansion of digital tools for health by changing how they are built, deployed, and scaled. We will foster a global network of independent teams collectively building on a common open source platform. By doing so, developers will have a proven, economically viable, digital foundation for their applications. More importantly, health care workers will have the tools to improve the quality, speed, and access of equitable care to their communities.

In support of the DHE’s efforts, we invite African businesses, organizations, and social entrepreneurs with software, content, and/or services to respond to this RFA. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to support community health workers and provide services to ministries of health, through this RFA we offer grants up to US$100,000 to support your ability to better serve ministries of health, community health workers, and their beneficiaries.

These grant funds will go toward:

  • Adapting and rolling out of Medic’s Community Health Toolkit (CHT) alongside your current service offerings.
  • Supporting you in your digital/technical and organizational capacity strengthening goals.
  • Connecting you to a global community of practitioners using the CHT to expand available offerings for your business.
  • Expanding your current product offering by leveraging the CHT, specifically for entrepreneurs located and/or supporting work in Kenya and/or Uganda; or entrepreneurs with demonstrable relationships with the MOH in their country of work.
  • Developing their organizational capacity according to their priorities, including initiatives that unlock new grant funding opportunities from bilateral, multilateral, and private philanthropic donors.
  • Supporting national MOHs and country-specific coalitions working to scale nationally approved community health information systems built on the CHT.
  • Gaining exposure to local government buyers of digital tools, as well as other purchasers in the global health community.

Please find more details on the objectives, expected outcomes, eligibility criteria, and how to apply in the full document here.

Applications must be submitted by October 10, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Please note that late applications will not be considered, nor will individual extensions be granted. Applicants will receive a response by November 30, 2022.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and dedication to global health and the larger digital health community. If you have any questions, please reach out to us (Leah Ekbladh; Parnika Shrivastava