Announcement: New Interlinked Registries Meeting

To All Those Interested in Interlinked Registries,

The OpenHIE Health Worker Registry (HWR) and Facility Registry (FR) communities have identified ongoing interest and use cases emerging around interlinked facility, health worker, and service data. To respond, we have decided to begin a meeting that will occur every four weeks starting on June 24th at 10am Eastern Time.

The goal will be to collect/discuss requirements, develop guidance, and support implementers. For the agenda, we are planning to take an agile approach based on demand and interest. The notional topics to date, include:

  • Interlinking a facility registry and health worker registry data. (e.g., I want to query facility data and provider information simultaneously)

  • Identifying & supporting coordination of implementations where there is interest in both registries.

  • Development of guidance and resources for interlinked registries.

  • Country updates and lessons learned from implementers.

  • Requirements gathering and strategy development for federation per individual registry.

  • Discussing sources of facility data to support HWR community needs.

  • Coordinating/managing standardized code sets and terminologies.

As always, we welcome your input as to the scope and focus. These are just ideas and we would appreciate your contributions in order to make this time together as useful as possible.

To join this call or follow along, be sure to check the following page on the OpenHIE wiki:

All the best,

Carl, Eduardo, Michael, and Scott


Scott Teesdale
Project Manager - InSTEDD


Skype: scott.teesdale

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