"An Exploration of Decolonizing Global Health Education": eLearning Opportunity from Partners in Health and Socios En Salud

The Partners in Health Global Learning Collaborative and the Socios En Salud Center for Global Health are thrilled to announce the launch of our new free course, “An Exploration of Decolonizing Global Health Education”. This course explores the deep inequities in global health education, their origins, and strategies being used in both high-income countries, and middle- and low-income countries to decolonize global health education. The content of this course does not represent the position or views of the organizing institutions. Rather, an open platform to learn and explore strategies to advance the movement toward decolonizing global health education.
The course features five lessons

  1. Introduction and important course information
  2. Why decolonize global health
  3. How low- and middle-income countries are decolonizing global health education
  4. How high-income countries are decolonizing global health education
  5. Conclusion.

It includes excerpts from a series of interviews with global health experts and practitioners, including an OBGYN in Liberia, a University Dean in Rwanda and a midwife in Peru.
This short-introductory course is self-paced, free, and open to the public. It includes interactive videos, in-lesson quizzes, and an open response question. You can access the course on our online learning platform, learning.pih.org. New members can create a free account on the page to access the course. Existing members can access the course through their existing learning.pih.org credentials, the course can be found under “collaborative offerings”.
Please feel free to share our learning platform, http://learning.pih.org, and this course announcement with your networks. This course may be of special interest to global health students, global health professors, undergraduate and graduate academic administrators, policy makers working in low- and middle-income countries and clinicians and nurses working in low-and-middle income countries.
For questions on accessing the course, please reach out to learningcollabtech@pih.org.

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