ACTION REQUIRED - OpenHIE Specification Update

OpenHIE Specification 3.0 Update

Last September OpenHIE was able to publish the 2.0 version of the OpenHIE architecture. Previous versions had been available on the wiki, and it was difficult to tell working / emerging versions from the final agreed upon version of the workflow. Moving forward, we intend to publish the specification on a yearly basis. In addition, we will try to ensure that it is updated before our community meeting.

New Requests for This Year

  1. There is a request to determine if use cases could be a part of the specification. To work toward this, we need to capture use cases. More information about that will be coming.
  2. There is a request to incorporate the maturity model into the specifications. We will need to explore this as we address this as we move forward this year.

Overall Process
The overall process to update and add to the existing content will be:

  1. Communities will be given time to update their portions of the specification (see the link below where you can make updates)
    • Component specifications will need to be updated by March 31, 2020
    • Workflows will need to be updated by June 15, 2020
  2. Any diagram changes will be made and approved by March 31, 2020
  3. The Architecture Review Board will review and vote on the specification by June 30, 2020
  4. The Regenstrief team will need time to proof, and launch the specification and diagram updates by September 1, 2020

What do sub community leads need to do right now
Plan for discussions to ensure that the following timelines are met:

  1. Component specifications will need to be updated by March 31, 2020 - This is the part of the specification that documents the basic requirements for a specific OpenHIE component.
  2. Workflows will need to be updated by June 15, 2020 - This includes any updates to the interaction diagrams. Any additional workflows will need to be shared with the Architecture Community before publication.
  3. Bring any diagram change requests to the Architecture Community in January and February.
  4. Document use cases or scenarios for your community’s scope.

Please let me know if I am missing anyone or have incorrectly listed the names of the leads

  1. Client Registry Community @sgrannis - (CR Component Specifications, Patient Identity Management Workflows)
  2. Facility Registry Community @Rita and Martin - (FR Component Specifications, Care Services Delivery and any specific Facility workflows )
  3. Health Worker Registry Community @lduncan, dana - (HWR Component Specifications, Care Services Delivery and any specific Health worker workflows )
  4. Terminology Service Community @jack.bowie, Jon TS Component Specifications, TS Workflows )
  5. SHR Community @daniel.futerman (SHR Component Specifications, SHR Workflows )
  6. HMIS Community @bob (HMIS Component Specifications, Aggregate Workflows )
  7. Supply Chain Community @brandonbowersox.vr, Josh (PR Component Specifications, Any supply chain Workflows )
  8. Laboratory Community @janflowers, Rita (Any Component Specifications, Any lab Workflows )
  9. UHC Community @Carl, Jenny (Any Component Specifications, Insurance Workflows )
  10. IOL Community @daniel.futerman (Any Component Specifications)

*Where / how to make specification updates / changes
The version of the document that you can edit is here:
You may want to use revision marks or other means to work with your sub community to make the updates.


We look forward to what we will create together this year.
Jennifer - For the Architecture Community


@subcommunity_leads pinging here to keep this on your radar. All changes need to be in no later than March 23rd to allow time for the group to review prior to a motion to approval on the March 27th call.

The version of the document that you can edit is here:

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A reminder to @subcommunity_leads specification updates should be completed in less than a month. If you have not yet looked at the specification document please find it at:

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@subcommunity_leads and @arch_review_board,

Sub-community leads,
As you are looking at your sub-community call agendas, please ensure you have time on your agendas to work toward a consensus for updates to the specification.

In the component specification, try to look at the requirements from a testing perspective. Some requirements may not be testable, but try to think about moving toward testability.

In the workflow specifications, make sure that FHIR is appropriately addressed and that links to IHE profiles are appropriately added.

You may also have opinions on other sections. Please provide those comments as well.

Consensus on changes must be reached by the end of May so that we have time to review and publish before the community meeting.


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@subcommunity_leads @sgrannis @rsembajwe @lduncan @jack.bowie @daniel.futerman @bobj @brandonbowersox.vr @janflowers @carl @daniel.futerman Reminder: specification updates should be completed no later than June 15th. The document can be located and updated at Please reach out with any questions. If you have already made updates please disregard.

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I am asking that all changes, updates, suggestions and comments be captured in the OpenHIE Architecture Specification 3.0 document by June 30th. I know several of you have reviewed the document and made changes. Once the changes are in there, the ARB (@arch_review_board will review and approve the content for publication in July. Please let me know if you have comments or questions.

Also note that the lab workflows will be discussed at the next architecture meeting and we will be working to get this content updated and into the specification before the ARB review.

Please let me know if you have questions.


@jamesm @bobj @derek.ritz I noticed that mADX is not included yet. Is that something that we want to have included in this year’s version of the specification. Especially see section 6.2.

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