Academy Tool Feedback Needed


The Academy Tool is ready for your feedback.
Note that the courses are not complete at this time we are seeking feedback on the look and feel.

Academy Tool Link

Please comment with your feedback below and/or utilize the prompt questions as a starting point.

  • Would you change anything about how the tool looks? If so, please describe it.
  • Does the tool feel intuitive to you as a user? If not, please describe what could be changed.

Feedback will be discussed on the next Academy call on October 7th.

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Just a few points!

  • While I am logged in, I can see the signup link! Is that knowingly?
  • The Courses link shows an empty page. Is it supposed to show all courses or only the ones the current user is enrolled in? The label “Courses” is not so much indicative!
  • I thought having the OpenHIE logo at the banner, to the leftmost as in the discourse will also be good!

I love the automatic signup/in from discourse or wiki (as in SSO)! supper.

  • Would you change anything about how the tool looks? If so, please describe it.
    Not really. just the above minor comments.
  • Does the tool feel intuitive to you as a user? If not, please describe what could be changed.
    Yes. Its simple to use and good color combinations.
    Good work!
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It is really interesting to put it in this way in a short period of time. just to mention a few points.

  1. Feature add
  • It would be good if we could capture the participant’s bio somehow … this might help us to later analyze our user needs and types… so in the registration process or later at the edit profile section lets have some questions to be filled related to the participants, country, profession, etc.
  • Let’s capture the user’s course expectations at the beginning and feedback at the end so that we can evaluate the courses later.
  1. UI
  • Progress from section to section is not automatic, a user is expected to mark complete every time… can we make it in order?
  • the evaluation questions are all radio buttons and with a single answer and due to that we are adding extra options for multiple answers. rather it would be good if we made them multiple select questions. in that way we won’t go the extra mile and give hint to the participants.
  • It would be good if the quizzes are on one page that way users could see the correct attempts and wrong attempt result. in the current condition, it only tells the results?
  • I have seen the Certificate plugin it is good. Let’s start designing the certificate format. it is blank by now and also when the course is finished it would be good to view the certificate so that participants would feel a sense of accomplishment then can print it.
  1. Fixes
  • There is no way to trigger for the last section. I mean, I was clicking mark complete for every section, and the system was counting and calculating my progress but though I am done with the course content there is no mark complete for the evaluation question that way the progress stops with the old calculations. we have to click something and come back for the change to get recognized.
  • The course category section is empty, at least let’s repat the list of course at the home page to this page also.
  • We have used youtube to store the vid… is there a chance from google side to add an advertisement? if so participants might get annoyed.
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External links(such as Slide Deck links) that point to an external domain should open in a new tab when clicked by a user.

Hi @haftamu.k! Thank you for sharing this feedback about opening links in new tabs - where we can implement this, we will make the updates!

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The slide deck, provided as a reference in each course on the platform, contains evaluation questions and answers at the same time. Since we want the students to try answering the evaluation question themselves, can we maybe have a copy of the slide that contains questions only and update the link to it. Also, the slides should be availed to students for download and/or read-only(or maybe comment) privilege only.

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Thank you for sharing this feedback as well! We are working to make some updates regarding this.