Academy Community - Summary from October 14 Meeting

Hi All,

Thank you for participating in the Academy call on October 14th. We’re excited to work with you to build this community and launch these courses. As a follow-up to the updates you all provided at the meeting, we want to be sure you have access to resources to help in course creation.

  • Course Creation Guide: This recently updated guide outlines the process for creating slides, recording content, and uploading materials to the academy google drive folder. After you have recorded your courses, please proceed with uploading them into the google drive folder.
  • Academy Community Wiki Page: To the right-side of the page, you can find “Academy Resources” with links to resources to help create content.

The notes from the October 14 meeting can be found here. To help in next steps, I have copied the status updates for each course below:

  1. Intro to HIE and OpenHIE - Concepts and Conventions – Jennifer
  • Status - recording competed
  • Link
  1. All about OHIE Architecture - Samson and Jennifer
  • Status - Have recorded first part of the course and have been in communcations with Jennifer plannig to keep reocrding
  • Link
  1. Overview Registries and Workflows (Data exchanges) - Jennifer and Daniel and Peter
  • Status - working on revising the content to be more workflow centrix rather than registries. Need to finalize the excercises and will aim to have excercises complete by the end of this month.
  • Recommended reviewers - Carl F, Shaun, Jennifer
  1. Overview of Global Data Standards - Tesfit and Terry
  • Status - Have been parcing out in to 5 sections, have recorded the first and last parts of the course. Policy and advantage of data standards- Terry and Testfit the other parts
  1. HIE and Leadership - Dr. Araya
  • Status - Working on finalizing document goal to record intro and first section by next month
  • Link
  • Recommended Reviewers - Vikas, Shaun Grannis, Paul Biondich
  1. Interoperability - Haftamu and Jembi
  • Status - Have recorded two sections and the overview into the google drive folder. Looking to see if Daniel can record the last section (would like to include practical implications of IOL would add to the demo).
  • Link

Thank you for your work on these courses! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.



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