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This is a space for you to share how your work aligns with improving health outcomes for resource emerging communities. Discuss how you would like to contribute to the community and ask about the OpenHIE’s Partnership Program. If your organization is interested in becoming an OpenHIE Partner, share your interest.

University of Washington DIGI (Digital Initiatives Group at I-TECH), an international global health informatics center, is highly interested in continuing to champion, support, and lead OpenHIE in multiple areas. Our strengths in our portfolio involve real world implementation of the OpenHIE architecture and specifications in Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius; building out an automated quality assurance framework and test harness for specific HIE workflows within an OpenHIE architecture in country; and point of service componentry (patient identity/client registry, electronic medical records, laboratory information systems, and others). Digital Initiatives Group – I-TECH


SunyaEk Computing is the Nepal based digital Health Initiatives Profit not distributing company, we support in implementation of OpenMRS, Bahmni, Community Health Toolkit and support ministry of health in supporting opensource initiatives. We ( SunayEK Computing ) are the technical working group committee member within the Ministry of Health of Nepal where our current role is to support the Interoperable Lab setup for national use case for which OpenHIE is our learning point to evolve through the government adoption. We are keenly interested to be the partner of OpenHIE partnership program and support the start of OpenHIE use case here in Nepal. We have partnered with Academic institute to strengthen local technical working group.

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