2024 OCL Roadmap - Feedback and Input

Hi everyone! We on the OCL team wanted to announce that OCL’s Community Roadmap for 2024 has been published on our website! With the support of our partners, collaborators, implementers, terminology publishers, etc., we will be working to implement OCL version 3 (OCLv3) as part of our Smart Dictionaries initiative. As such, we have dubbed 2024 as OCL’s Year of Community!

We look forward to engaging with the OpenHIE community, along with other members of the global health space. This thread on OCL Chat will remain open all year for the community to write out your inputs, feedback, questions, etc. See something you want to participate in? Wondering what all is involved in a roadmap goal? Let us know here! All input is welcome!

cc: @paynejd @jack.bowie