2024-02-02 Terminology Service Call - NHDD Visioning and Planning

Terminology Services Call

(Tomorrow) Friday 2 February 2024
9 - 10 am ET | 2 - 3 pm UTC | 3 - 4 pm WAT | 4 - 5 pm CAT | 5 - 6 pm EAT

Join us to participate with the OpenHIE TS Subcommunity continuing the discussion around National Health Data Dictionaries!

National Health Data Dictionaries (NHDDs) continue to be a hot topic in the global community, and we will be moving forward in 2024 with community-developed tools and guidance! We are focusing on Visioning and Planning for an OpenHIE NHDD Guide and we want to hear from you! Help us determine the direction and outputs of our work this year.

Notes and call-in information can be found here: 2024-02-02 Terminology Service Call - Communities & Projects - OpenHIE Wiki. We look forward to seeing you there!